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The 2012 Erickson Conference is closed to new registrations. Our apologies. We only offer this conference every one or two years and registration is for a very limited time. Sorry that you missed it!

If you want to make sure not to miss the next conference and also get some cool free conference presentations, please enter your email for notifications:

29 responses to “Registration Options

  1. Joan

    I am trying to register for the early bird special and having a time of it. Please help

  2. Ned Dwelle

    Hi Ryan…..what are the dates when the conference will be available online…I didn’t yet find them.



    • ryannagy

      Hi Ned – I sent you an email but I do not know if it went through – Conference presentations will be available starting July 1st. cheers! – Ryan

  3. Barb

    How long will the conference presentations be accessible to download?

    • ryannagy

      Hi Barb – The downloads will be up well into next year. We will keep them up until we plan the next conference…

      – Ryan

  4. Linda Smith

    Do I need the coupon code to enter the registration site
    Thanks! Linda

  5. how many workshops and associated CEU’s are available
    what is the charge per CEU?

    • ryannagy

      Robin – Sorry for the confusion, we should have done a better job clarifying the CEU’s. They are available for an extra charge. You can choose the number that your want. Details on this page:

      Let me know if you have other questions? You can reach me directly: ryan AT

      – Ryan

  6. Dr Svea van der Hoorn

    Hi – do I understand correctly – all downloads will be audio only – no video plus audio? Thanks

    • ryannagy

      Hello – Thanks for the question. At this time, we have two presentations with video but the rest are audio-only. This was a decision on our part not tread into technological areas that we are not familiar. The next conference will have more videos.

      – Ryan

  7. Patrick Coughlan

    Ryan………… you provide transcripts

    • ryannagy

      Patrick – My apologies, no transcripts for this one. Many presentations have pdf slide or notes, but no transcripts. – Ryan

  8. I registered for this late last night and realized this morning that I had already paid for this in April. That’s what I get for being online afeter a whole day of teaching hypnosis…..

    Do I just cancel my paypal order?

    Melissa Tiers

  9. Where will the Ericksonian Conference take place?

  10. With no video demos and no transcripts, I’ll pass this year.
    But do put me on your email list for next year.

    • ryannagy

      Hi Melanie – Thanks for the feedback. We will indeed have videos next year and at a least a few transcripts. – Ryan

  11. Will Robert

    Are these audio downloads in a format we get to keep and put on an ipod etc., or are they streaming audio that will expire after some time?

    • ryannagy

      Will – Your access to the site will eventually expire when we create the next conference. But you download and keep ALL the presentations. We make it very easy for you. There is one link to stream the audio so you can listen online and a second download link right below it.

      Thanks for the question – Ryan

  12. Alina

    Hi! I am interested in this program, but I need to know the schedule.

    Please give more details.

    Thank you,

  13. Hi!
    If I pay the registration, Can I access all conferences?
    Can I pay just for 3 or 4?
    Thank you.

    • ryannagy

      Alexandra – Currently it is one price to access all the presentations. Later, we may add access to a few presenations or keynotes, but we have not done that just yet…

      – Ryan

  14. Jamie Keyes

    Sorry to spoil the excitement I had had, but I realize this was not the conference I hoped to sign up for (rather the Ericksonian Brief Therapy Conference in San Francisco). While this seems a great idea if I couldn’t get away, I can attend in person. Can you help me facilitate a refund (Paypal) & let me register for SFO? Thanks – too many good things I guess. Jamie

    • ryannagy

      Hi Jamie – Not a problem. I will refund your money. And by the way – Rob will be in SF. I hope you have a chance to say hello. – Ryan

      I almost forgot – I cannot help you register for the SF event, you’ll need to go to the foundation website and click the link for training:

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